To receive your refund(s) regarding winter 20/21 season you must call into the club & provide your Bank Details. NO CASH refunds * - - * LEAGUES, if you are a team member short the full rink fee must be paid * - - * Saturday 6th November ONLY rinks available from 2:00pm onwards
Club Officers
Club Officers
Updated 16/Nov/21 15:10  

   Mr D.N. Brown   Chairman
       Vice Chairman
   Mr A Bolton   Company Secretary & HS Officer
   Mrs P Wright   Director - Finance
   Mr N Hughes   Director Bar
   Mr D Fry   Director Personnel
   Mrs S Lemon   Director
   Mrs E Warrington   Director
Key Staff
   Mrs L Birch   Office Manager
   Miss R Freeman   Bar Manager
   Miss R Freeman   Licensee
Management Committee
   Mrs S Hughes   Club President
   Mr P Kipling   Club Vice President
       Club Junior Vice President
   Mrs P Wright   Club Secretary
   Mrs J McConnell   Fixture Secretary
   Mr C Kershaw   League Manager
   Mr M Rawle   Competition Secretary
   Mrs S. Warren   Ladies Captain
   Mr M Lomax   Saturday Captain
       Sunday Captain
   Mrs Y C Poulton   Mid Week Captain
   Mr J S Poulton   Men's County Delegate
   Mrs J McConnell   Ladies County Delegate
   Mrs E Warrington   Junior Representative
   Mrs E. Radford   Gala Secretary
   Mr A. Browne   Mission 650 Representative
   Mrs S Lemon   Directors Representative
Non committee
   Mrs H Armstrong   Membership Secretary
   Mrs A R Rodgers   Child Protection Officer 1
       Child Protection Officer 2
   Mr L Fiveash Parnell   Inter League Selector Captain
   Mr J.W Butcher   Inter League Selector
   Mr T Warrener   Inter League Selector
   Mr E Giblett   Inter League Selector
   Mr J S Poulton   County Match Selector
   Mr R.A. Broadberry   County Match Selector
   Mrs E. Radford   Ladies Selector
   Mrs Y C Poulton   Ladies Selector